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Hammer and Nigel Records has been cranking out the hits at a maddening pace in recent weeks, and every one of them has been a smashing success! That’s why more Americans illegally download their music than any other artist!

The distinctive label’s latest hit, “Summer of COVID-19,” sets an all-new standard in pandemic-inspired music. Featuring the vocalizations and poetic words of Hammer and Nigel Records co-founder, Jason Hammer, “Summer of COVID-19” is Jason Hammer’s revealing and heartfelt tribute to the dynamic challenges of the Hammer family patriarch in the era of the Chinese Coronavirus from China.

“Summer of COVID-19” is the hit single that Billboard magazine called “an audible atrocity on par with Yoko Ono.”

Spin Magazine proclaims, “David Hasselhoff is Marvin Gaye compared to Jason Hammer.”

And the L.A. Times declares, “Kurt Cobain had the right idea after all.”

But don’t take the critics’ word for it. Click the link below for a musical experience that will scar you for life.