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Taco Bell has been the recent franchise under fire for hypocrisy in voicing racial inequality.

In early June, the fast food joint like many, posted across social media platforms that they stand in solidarity with Black People.

Now Taco Bell is eating their own words like a delicious CrunchWrap Supreme. A shift manager from Ohio posted a Facebook Live showing a conversation with his manager that ended in termination. He said it was because his face mask read “Black Lives Matter.”

Denzel Skinner said the company required employees to wear face masks, but had no restrictions on what could or could not be on it.

During his shift the manager asked him not to bring politics into the work space, as seen in the video. Skinner refused to take off the mask explaining it was a message he stood for. The manager told Skinner just before he walked out if he did so, he would be fired.

He then left and sat in his car to recount what happened. The video was interrupted when the manager came to his window to ask him again to take it off.

“I’m not taking it off…I’m not bringing politics in, this is what I stand for…” Skinner is seen saying.

Starbucks was recently bashed for a similar uniform policy. They did not allow employees to wear their own Black Lives Matter apparel while working. That policy has now changed.

Do you think Taco Bell will fold over and do the same?

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