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COLUMBUS, Ind.–Congressman Greg Pence (R-6th Dist.) is in Columbus, this week, but he plans on going to Washington, even though the House is not in session. He said he believes he and his colleagues should be working, just the same as the Senate.

“I’m not real sure why I can’t go to work,” he said. “Why the Senate can be out there, going to work, holding hearings, trying to improve things, and Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives, we’re gonna stay closed and we’re gonna figure out how to take care of ourselves first.”

LISTEN: Cong. Greg Pence talks going to DC during the pandemic

Pence said Pelosi has a bi-partisan committee put together to determine how the House might get back to work again, which they haven’t done so far.

But, they did manage to vote on bills like Paycheck Protection.

“We all went out there, 20 folks at a time, went into the House, masks, gloves, we voted. They wiped the machines. We went back to our offices.”

Pense said before that he believed people who were elected and felt they couldn’t do their jobs because they were afraid of the coronavirus should resign. He said Thursday that he had mellowed on that, and that people who are at risk should stay away.

But, he said he will wear a mask when he goes to DC this weekend.

“I think wearing the mask, distancing is the key as everybody’s talked about. I’ll wear a mask out of respect for the people around me,” he said.

Pence said he is eager to debate legislation like liability protection for businesses or any entity that will be opening back up. He believes they need rotection from lawsuits.

“Cities, counties, hospitals, universities, businesses, everyone who opens up will have liability unless we identify and put brackets around that so there aren’t frivolous lawsuits.”

Pence said he would be okay with more relief money, if it goes to help people and businesses, especially if the Paycheck Protection Program runs out of money. What he won’t abide is a “bailout” for states that have not been fiscally responsible.