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INDIANAPOLIS — Fewer people are using the IndyGo Red Line. 

IndyGo released the numbers from the first four months, which show a downward trend.

Since the service first opened in September of last year, there have been just 763,382 total boardings, which translates to 381,691 total people. 

In the first month, which was free to riders, just over 123,000 people took the Red Line. In October, that dropped to about 104,000 people. The free period was only supposed to last a month, but because of delays in the new ticketing system, IndyGo had to extend the free period multiple times. However, in November, when it was still free to use the Red Line, there were only approximately 89,000 riders. In December, when riders began to pay, the number dropped sharply once again, to only 65,000 people using the Red Line. 

IndyGo says it is a little concerned but understands the decrease in numbers. 

“We’re in the colder months, from zero fares to full fare, which is a pretty big jump as far as transit goes,” Spokeswoman Lesley Gordon said to IndyStar. “Plus the new education and ticketing system has been a learning curve.”

IndyGo had predicted to see about 11,000 people use the Red Line every day, but in December, Red Line buses averaged only around 4,000. 

At the same time, IndyGo said the Red Line has helped the overall bus system offer increased and more frequent service.