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Sammy Teusch

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GREENFIELD, Ind. — Police in Greenfield have released their final assessment of the 10-year-old child who committed suicide due to bullying about three weeks ago.

Sammy Teusch, a 10-year-old 4th grader who attended Greenfield Intermediate School, committed suicide after his family said he bullied relentlessly since elementary school. The Teusch family says they contacted the school about 20 times to report the bullying, and that nothing was done to put a stop to it.

In a press release Friday, Greenfield Police Chief Brian Hartman says no criminal charges will be filed in this case: “It is a sad and devastating time for our Community due to the traumatic and tragic death of a 10 year old child. My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of this child as well as the community and the first responders who were on scene. This is a day the family, community, and first responders will never forget.

The Hancock County Coroner has completed their investigation and ruled this death asphyxiation by strangulation, suicide.

The Greenfield Police Department has finalized our investigation into the death of the child and there will be no criminal charges filed with the Hancock County Prosecutor.

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot of blame and finger pointing. Any time there is a tragic event, we, as a society, want to place blame on someone or something to help take away the pain we are experiencing and get some understanding. There is enough blame that we all probably own some of this. Through our investigation it is believed there was some bullying taking place in this child’s life. Through our investigation the child did encounter some bullying at school, school records show these incidents were addressed. It was also found that bullying was taking place outside the school and sometimes in a place where the child should have felt safest. Bullying is an issue in our society, whether you are a child or an adult. No one is allowed to be different or have a different opinion anymore without someone somewhere being disrespectful and saying hurtful things.

We as a community need to understand we have a problem, no matter the reason for this tragic and untimely death. We have children who feel their lives are so bad that it is not worth living. We need to come together and give these children a life worth living. Children now a days have so many stressors in their lives that they forget to be a kid. We as a society place so much pressure on them through social media, sports, school work, having to get a job, as well as helping around the house that we forget they are just kids and have their own stress and so little life experience to deal with it all.

If you or your child feel they are being bullied at a Greenfield Community School and are afraid to report it to the school, for whatever reason, please contact a Greenfield Police Department School Resource Officer. This will be documented in a CAD Report and the school resource officer will follow up with the school administration.

Again, my heart and prayers go out to the family, friends, community and first responders. May you find some peace.”

It’s unclear what Chief Hartman meant by “it was also found that bullying was taking place outside the school and sometimes in a place where the child should have felt safest.”