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Ben Shapiro can be quite the controversial political conservative commentator, but now he is entering the ring of controversial rapper. Yes, you read that right.

Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald’s newest single, “Fact,” has one of the most confusing features in the history of hip-hop music… Ben Shapiro, formerly of The Daily Wire.

The duo’s song is described as an “anti-woke” song is all about pushing back on the extreme left. In the song, MacDonald says he doesn’t care about woke rules, and asks himself “what would Ben do?” Shapiro calls out the haters and “Karens” in his verse. The song title references Shapiro’s catchphrase, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” 

We can’t decide what is more shocking, Shapiro spitting bars or wearing a hoodie.

The craziest part? MacDonald x Shapiro’s song reached number one on the US iTunes charts, surpassing Justin Timberlake’s newest release. Even Nicki Minaj posted her congratulations on X. 

We want to hear from you! Is this a win for the conservatives out there or just cringey? Let us know!