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Holcomb at Scouting Luncheon


INDIANAPOLIS — You’ve heard plenty of talk from the governor about his agenda and accomplishments, but not when it comes to endorsing the next governor of Indiana.

Governor Eric Holcomb spoke with reporters Thursday at the Indiana Statehouse. He was asked about several bills but essentially gave the same answer: “I haven’t read it, so I can’t comment on it yet.”

However, when asked about his potential endorsement of a candidate for governor, Holcomb had a few expectations for the person who will eventually take his office.

“I will be looking for policies to endorse and substance,” Governor Holcomb said Thursday, “I want to see what the candidates say about policies I’ve eat, sleepin’ and breathing over the last seven years.”

Currently, the candidates for governor of Indiana in this year’s race are as follows:


  • Mike Braun, current Indiana Senator
  • Brad Chambers, former Indiana Secretary of Commerce
  • Suzanne Crouch, Lieutenant Governor of Indiana
  • Eric Doden, former president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation
  • Curtis Hill, former Indiana Attorney General
  • Jamie Reitenour


  • Jennifer McCormick, former Republican Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction


  • Donald Rainwater, U.S. Navy veteran and a nominee for governor in 2020

Holcomb says he wants people who focus on education, infrastructure, economic and community development, “so I want to hear from folks and where they stand on the hydrogen hub, microelectronics hub, the biotech hub. (I want to see) if they’re going to take it to the next level in terms of trails, local partnerships, broadband internet. Do they support the federally backed programs? There’s a long list of things I care about, and that’s what I’m looking for.”