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The Supreme Court is taking up critical cases that will affect 2nd Amendment protections. Guy Relford talks about both. The first case is US vs Rahimi. This case concerns Guy, because Zackey Rahimi is not a sympathetic character. Because Rahimi is a bad guy emotions may drive the court rule against him. As Guy has said on previous shows “bad facts make bad law”. No doubt about it, Rahimi is a very bad guy. Rahimi was denied his right to carry because of a civil protective order but was never convicted of a crime.

Will the Supreme Court rule that you can lose your 2nd Amendment rights, that the “law” can strip you of your constitutionally protected right, when you haven’t been convicted of any crime?

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The second case the Supremes are taking up is the Trump era “Bump Stock Ban” The justices agreed to hear an appeal by President Joe Biden’s administration of a lower court’s ruling in favor of Michael Cargill, a gun shop owner and gun rights advocate from Austin, Texas, who challenged the ban that was put in place under Trump following a 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Guy has talked about this case before when the lower court ruled in favor of Cargill, and re-iterated his stance that bump stocks are “goofy” and that he would never advocate their use because they reduce accuracy. However, this is a very important case in that the question of whether the executive branch has the “authority” to write laws that regulate firearms without law written by Congress.

All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress which is made up of Senate and a House of Representives – Article 1, Section 1.

Trump’s Bump Stock ban bypassed Congress and rewrote law. That is what the Supremes are taking up. Hear Guy’s analysis:

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