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There is not much we’re guaranteed anymore in life, but the confidence of former President Donald Trump is something we can always count on.

President Trump spoke to a rally in Iowa Monday about the changes he would make and others he’d bring back if reelected. Trump stated that one thing is for sure, he would reinstate the ban on migrants entering the US.

“We aren’t bringing in anyone from Gaza or Syria or Somalia, Yemen, or Libya, or anywhere else that threatens our security.” 

He also noted that many on the left have claimed Trump’s passion and outspoken leadership would lead us into another world war. Trump made sure to remind those who’ve doubted him, including ‘crooked Hillary’ that “my personality kept us out of war. We didn’t have any wars.” 

In his speech, the former president also discussed ballot voting, electric vehicles, Biden’s poor job in office, and even joked about cocaine in the White House.