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Bobby Burack, writer for Outkick, says the trans community is being exploited for a fundraising campaign.

Burack joined the Hammer and Nigel show to discuss how the left is using the trans community to make the most powerful gay rights lobby, the Human Rights Campaign money. The HRC has been gaining funds from LGBTQ+ activism since the 80s, Burrack explains in his latest piece on Outkick.

“The HRC formed in 1980 and gained wealth and influence after it pledged to help legalize same-sex marriage. Its budget continues to expand. It has received millions of dollars in donations from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, making the lobby’s influence among politicians and corporations profound.”

In the article, Burack notes that the group has moved onto the trans community. They know by bullying brands into being ‘woke,’ they will see a profit.

“The HRC developed a scoring system called the Corporate Equality Index…CEI scores specifically grade companies on their promotion of LGBTQIA+ people. In 2012, the HRC updated its index to score brands more aggressively regarding “partnerships and transgender inclusivity.”

Burrack explains that the CEI is how the HRC can hold significant power over Wall Street. The top investment firms in the nation use these CEI scoresto help them distinguish the good brands from the bad, and thereby help them determine where to invest their money.”

Be sure to check out Bobby’s full article on Outkick here. 

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