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Trucker John Rap

Source: Trucker John / Trucker John

Last week on the Kendall & Casey Show we got into a heated debate over the meaning of some of Eminem’s lyrics in his famous song “Lose Yourself”.

Many listeners were intrigued by this discussion and decided to call the show to weigh in.

While it’s great that our audience wants to participate and help us dissect the work of the literary genius that is Slim Shady, it begs the question that we’ve been asking ourselves time and time again: Why can’t people be this passionate about property taxes?

We previously tried to write a song in the same vein as Rob’s idol, Bruce Springsteen, in an attempt to wake up the masses and educate them about the raising of property taxes by “High Tax” Holcomb and his cronies at the statehouse. But that didn’t move the needle quite like we had hoped it would as the Indiana Republicans still continue to strong arm Hoosiers and take their hard-earned money.

So all of this talk about Eminem and property taxes got us thinking… What if we just write a rap? Music is still a very powerful tool and has the potential to inspire our audience. But maybe this time we just need to lay down some heavy, truth-ladened bars over a hard beat to really get the people motivated.

But before we had a chance to hop in the beat lab to lay it all down, a loyal listener of ours by the name of “Trucker John” heard our idea and said “hold my beer”.

Trucker John, who goes by “HeavyWeight” is a homegrown, locally known underground rapper from Southern Indiana and a longtime listener of the show. He put in some serious work to produce his track “??? Serving Hoosiers Well ???” and it is just what we needed.

Make sure to blast this certified banger next time you ride down W Washington St.