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There are multiple issues with raising the minimum wage. It reduces employment and makes services more expensive to name a couple.

We can add another issue of raising the minimum wage to the list. A recent study shows that the raising of wages decreases the number of students that enroll in community college.

Researchers found that after minimum wages were raised, enrollment in community colleges dropped by 2% in year one and the drop increased to 4% by year five. Enrollment in four-year colleges remained unchanged.

A person going to a four-year college, usually has a specific goal. The student going to a community college is often told that they are not serious about their education. Which is not true. There is a lot of value in community colleges.

The students who go to community college need skills. They can be different skills than what a four-year college offers, but they need skills either way.

The increasing of the wages encourages a lack of people bettering themselves. Why should a student go to community college if they can make the living wage flipping burgers at McDonalds?

To hear Tony Katz’s thoughts on how the raising of minimum wage impacts community college enrollment, click the link below.