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In Broad Ripple over the weekend there was a shooting that left three people dead and one wounded. This left people searching for answers.

As we all know everyone, including criminals, listen to the laws of the land. With that in mind the only logical answer is to create gun free zones.

Kip Tew with the Broad Ripple Village Association says the solution is working with IMPD and the city to finalize a special event permit which will make the area a gun free zone. The current plan is not to make all of Broad Ripple a gun free zone, but just a certain area. You will have to walk through a metal detector to enter that specific area.

It is the same concept we saw for the Wonder-Road music festival earlier this month.

The Broad Ripple area has become one of the more dangerous parts of Indianapolis. It was designed to be a place where people could go and hang out. There are multiple restaurants and other businesses who are concerned about safety.

“Personally, I think to everybody who works in the area, I would feel a lot safer. If we knew that people were kind of not carrying weapons and not able to, anything we could do to limit the access. I think most of us who work right here would be really, really happy to see that,” said Bruce Nebergall. He both works and lives in Broad Ripple.

The changes are expected to go into effect this weekend and are expected to be officially announced later this week.

Tony Katz is out today. To hear Craig Collins’s thoughts on the potential gun free zones in Broad Ripple, click the link below.