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2nd Amendment Rights defender Guy Relford is one of the few coming in support of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals U.S. v. Rahimi, a post-Bruen Second Amendment ruling.

Read the ruling here:

21-11001-CR2.pdf (

To the layman, it appears that the court is okay with dangerous domestic abusers having the right keep their weapons that they will ultimately use against their victims. But the ruling is far more nuanced than that. The ruling maintains that one’s Second Amendment right cannot be infringed if the individual has not been convicted of a crime.

The idea of you losing your gun rights if you haven’t committed any crime? The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals found that unconstitutional.

Domestic orders of protection aren’t necessarily a result of a crime that has been committed. The 5th Circuit has ruled that the order of restraint alone cannot erase one’s 2nd Amendment rights.

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