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First Christian Church

Source: First Christian Church Hadley Fruits / First Christian Church Hadley Fruits

COLUMBUS, Ind. — It’s one of the most historic buildings in Bartholomew County, and now it’s going to get the restoration it’s been waiting for.

First Christian Church in Columbus, Indiana was built in 1942, originally called the Tabernacle Church of Christ. It was one of the first churches in the United States to be constructed using a variety of styles of building philosophies, but it’s needed some work for quite some time.

The Friends of First Christian Church Architecture Fund at Heritage Fund has secured 500,000-dollars in funding to help kick start the “Save Our Tower” project, which is estimated to come in at about 3.2-million-dollars worth of restorative work.

Landmark Columbus Foundation will celebrate with another free public event in the “Progressive Preservation Talks” series on Saturday, April 21st at 1 o’clock in the afternoon at Helen Haddad Hall.

The event features several presentations about the project and a history of the building and it’s significance to the community.

First Christian Church was designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service in 2001.