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Whiteland Tornado Damage

Source: Adam Pinsker / WISH TV

A tornado hit Sullivan County, Indiana on Friday night. It caused a lot of damage, destroyed several homes, and killed at least three people. It knocked down power lines and caused gas leaks, leaving thousands of residents without electricity.

The storm came after the weather forecast warned of severe weather throughout the day. The county officials had asked people to stay at home so that emergency responders and utility workers could move around safely.

The police warn people to stay inside because there were live power lines down in yards and roads. If people have to go out, they should be very careful. Local churches, Sullivan City Hall building, and Whiteland Community School are providing emergency shelters. People can get food, water, diapers, sleeping mats, and medical help there.

Whiteland Fire Chief said that the firehouse was hit during the storm, but no one was hurt. Whiteland was directly hit by the storm. The southern part of the town was damaged badly, so there was limited power and communication.

Overturned semi-trailers and debris were found scattered along I-65 near Whiteland. The police and residents report downed power lines and trees, and debris blocks local roads, making travel difficult.

Johnson County Emergency Management confirm that a tornado touched down east of Whiteland Road, which flattened some businesses and homes. Emergency services are working to clear the debris and restore power fully.