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picture of indianapolis police chief randal taylor

INDIANAPOLIS — Crime is on the decline and Indianapolis is headed in the right direction. That’s the message from the Chief of Police in Indianapolis.

Chief Randal Taylor with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department says violence reduction programs are working, as the data shows homicides, murders, and non-fatal shooting totals are going down.

“But I’ll admit, the number [homicide] is over 200,” Chief Taylor explains, “so that is a bit of downer, right? When you have that many people that are losing their life, that’s a concern.”

Despite the current homicide total being over 200, that is a decrease from last year, which Taylor says is encouraging. He says Indianapolis is just like any other big city – crime will happen. However, Taylor insists that Indy is still a top destination for travel in the Midwest for things like conventions, sports, and gaming. Taylor says you probably shouldn’t be out and about at three or four in the morning, if you don’t have to be.

For criminals, Taylor has a simple message, “there are bad players. We got to identify them and get those people out of here. You’re not welcome in Indianapolis if your goal is to kill or injury. I don’t need you here.”

With all that being said, Chief Taylor says people from outside of Marion County should absolutely plan trips to the Circle City and make Indianapolis a destination in 2023.