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WASHINGTON — Republican lawmakers are worried that Indiana Representative Victoria Spartz might be taking it one step too far when it comes to her criticism of the situation in her native Ukraine.

Spartz, of late, has had pointed words about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, accusing him of having an inner circle and a staff that is corrupt. Her criticism is aimed at what she sees as a lack of effort in using American aid to fight invading Russian forces.

One Republican lawmaker on the House Foreign Affairs Committee told Politico this week that Spartz’s “naiveness is hurting her own people” and that “we’re not sure her facts are accurate.”

“People on the ground want freedoms,” Spartz said in response on Fox News. “But, we have to separate the bureaucracy from the people on the top and people on the ground.”

“Me questioning oversight of this administration that failed us at every issue is somehow bad for our national security? It’s like a joke,” she added.

Spartz said that Ukrainian governments have dealt with corruption in the past. She said that Russia will try anything they can to keep the upper hand in this war, so she said she will continue to ask questions to those and of those in charge.

“We advise Ms. Spartz to stop trying to earn extra political capital on baseless speculation around the topic of war in our country and the grief of Ukrainians,” said Ukraine’s foreign ministry spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko in a statement on Facebook. “Especially cynical are manipulations about Ukraine and its leadership from congresswomen of Ukrainian origin.”