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Cable news host and Matthew Broderick doppelganger Rachael Maddow made the thrilling announcement Monday that she is taking a hiatus from her inexplicably popular show on MSNBC for “several weeks.”

Maddow will use the time to work on a new podcast for NBCUniversal and a film project with Ben Stiller.

Loyal viewers of Maddow’s nightly CNBC program are expected to continue leading normal lives during the host’s absence.

American owes Rachael Maddow a debt of gratitude for her service to this country – especially the ‘taking a hiatus’ part.

We celebrate Maddow for her finest achievements with this inspiring collection of her finest moments on television.

Maddow Moment #1: “We Have (Two Pages Of) Trump’s Tax Returns.”

Maddow Moment #2: “Election Night Glee Turns To Tragedy.”

Maddow Moment #3: “I’m Sad About Kids In Cages (Now That Trump Is In Office).”

Maddow Moment #4: “Trump’s Vaccine Timeline Is Unrealistic”

Maddow Moment #5: “The Vaccine Will Keep You From Getting COVID.”

Maddow Moment #6: “Sexual Predator Roger Ailes Was A Genius.”

All things considered, Maddow’s hiatus is probably the right move for her and for MSNBC. The above clips make it abundantly clear that the network needs some time to rebuild its credibility.