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Each year, millions of dollars in assets are turned over to the Indiana Attorney General’s Office as unclaimed property.

According to the Office of the Indiana Attorney General, “unclaimed property is any financial asset with no activity by its owner for an extended period of time.”

This includes:

  • Dormant bank accounts
  • Lost or forgotten uncashed checks
  • Stocks or bonds, dividends, and bond interest
  • Insurance proceeds
  • Utility refunds
  • Safe-deposit box contents

This year, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita will operate a booth at the Indiana State Fair to connect with constituents; however, much of the focus of the booth will be helping Hoosiers find unclaimed property that might be available to them.

In order to raise awareness about the effort, the entire theme for the State Fair on Friday, Aug. 13, will be “Indiana Unclaimed Day.”

Go to to see if you have unclaimed money.

Mr. Rokita joined the Hammer and Nigel show Thursday afternoon for a wide-ranging interview that covered the Attorney General’s investigation into communist propaganda at Valparaiso University, the Parents Bill Of Rights, and Rokita’s relationship with Governor Eric Holcomb and, of course, “Indiana Unclaimed Day.”