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Biden put forth another ‘destined to fail’ policy proposal Wednesday. His latest effort is a crime prevention strategy that involves punishing law-abiding citizens by imposing new gun control measures.

Solving Crime The Biden Way:

Step 1: Impose Background Checks.

Strategy Justification: This allows the government to keep track of lawful gun owners while encouraging violent criminals to obtain their weapons on the black market or by stealing a gun from those who purchase their guns legally.

Step 2: Ban Assualt Weapons (after defining what an ‘assault weapon’ actually is)

Strategy Justification: Prevents lawful gun owners from obtaining and owning a semi-automatic rifle for home defense while encouraging violent criminals to commit their crimes with more readily available weapons.

Step 3: Ban High-Capacity Magazines.

Strategy Justification: Prevents lawful gun owners from using too many bullets to shoot and kill a home intruder or multiple home intruders, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and be more “earth-friendly” when attempting to save your life and the lives of your family.

Step 4: Boost Community Policing.

Strategy Justification: Creates more opportunities for citizens who are biased against the police to capture video of officers doing their job, allowing those videos to immediately be posted to the internet, helping politicians, BLM, and the ‘Defund The Police’ movement to target police officers and their families before all the facts are presented and reviewed.

Step 5: Remind The Public That The Government Has Better Weapons Than You.

Strategy Justification: Encourages good behavior and compliance from private citizens by reminding them that the government can easily kill you whenever it likes.

Step 6: Use Humor To Belittle Persons Who Oppose Gun Control Measures.

Strategy Justification: Gives those in favor of gun control an additional talking point to paint lawful gun owners as stupid and ridiculous when debating them on social media.

In other words, it’s the usual crap that Democrats push.