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Fake boobs are out. Elf ears are in.

Yes, there’s a new plastic surgery trend in China where women are giving themselves “elf ears.”

Why would a woman pay a doctor to intentionally make her look like one of Santa’s helpers? Apparently, the idea is that by enlarging their ears, their faces may appear slimmer and more attractive.

This is perhaps the creepiest and dumbest plastic surgery trend since anal bleaching. What’s sexy and attractive about looking like Spock’s offspring? I mean, honestly…

Okay, so that’s actually kind of hot. Does anybody know how we can get in touch with her? Rob Kendall is asking.

Well, good on plastic surgeons for finding another way to put a few extra bucks in their pockets. No doubt the elective surgery industry has taken a real beating during the pandemic.

Elf ears… If only Michael Jackson had lived to see it.