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(INDIANAPOLIS) — A marker commemorating the passage of women’s right to vote should soon be added to Indiana’s statehouse lawn.

Senators Sue Glick (R-LaGrange) and Jean Breaux (D-Indianapolis) served on a commission which planned last year’s celebration of the 19th Amendment’s centennial. Those events included a statehouse historical marker, but Glick says the Indiana Department of Administration, which oversees the statehouse grounds, rejected plans to put the marker there.

Commissioner of Administration Lesley Crane says the department fully supports the marker, but says it was a matter of procedure. Because the statehouse is a historic property, she says the department has typically required some type of formal legislative resolution for additions to it, not just from a government commission

Glick and Breaux went a step further, authoring a bill with Sen. Vaneta Becker (R-Evansville) to require the marker’s installation within three years. The Senate passed the bill unanimously, and the House could send it to Governor Holcomb as early as Tuesday.

Indiana Historical Bureau deputy director Michella Marino says the bureau suggested alternative locations, but legislators felt strongly that no other site would carry the same symbolic weight.

Indiana was the 26th state to ratify the women’s suffrage amendment, in January 1920. It became part of the Constitution seven months later when Tennessee provided the required 36th vote.