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Kathy Gillcrist began searching for her biological parents in 2017.

Gillcrist was adopted as an infant and raised by a loving family in the state of North Carolina. Unfortunately, she reached a point in adulthood where curiosity about her biological roots took hold. She dreamed she would one day discover the identity of her birth father.

“Dad Abandoned Me, So He Must Be A Swell Guy!”

Gillcrist’s “need to know” prompted her to reach out to Susan Gilmor, a third cousin on her biological mother’s side who has a real knack for ruining overly idealistic expectations of reuniting with Daddy via genealogical research.

Gilmor immediately went to work on the task before her: smash cousin Kathy’s heart into a billion pieces through the magic of DNA testing.

“Is Daddy Famous? Well… Yes!”

Gilmor’s fine forensic research quickly uncovered the identity of Gillcrist’s father.

“Is it somebody famous?” Gillcrist excitedly asked.

Why, yes! Yes, he’s most famous indeed! He’s William Bradford Bishop Jr. and he’s wanted by the FBI for killing his family! Congratulations!

“Just Because You’re A Killer Doesn’t Mean You’re A Bad Parent.” – O.J. Simpson, prolific murderer, and loving father.

Bishop is a real piece of crap, according to the FBI. We don’t recommend reading the details of his horrific crimes.

Fortunately, Gillcrist took the news about Daddy in stride.

“I was raised by people with a great sense of humor … and I laughed,” Gillcrist told Bethesda Magazine. “Of course that’s why he’s famous … he was a murderer.”

“Dad’s Still Out There (Probably).” 

Bishop, whose whereabouts remain unknown, would be 84 today and should be considered armed and dangerous, according to the FBI.

His profile indicates that he’s extremely suicidal as well, so it’s not like it’s ALL bad news.

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