(Win McNamee/Getty Images) Kimberly Watkins, a former employee of Andrew Yang, has accused the Democratic presidential hopeful of firing her from her job because she got married.  “Despite my hitting every single revenue mark set for me, despite not a single employment infraction over the six years, Andrew Yang fired me because I got married,” Kimberly Watkins wrote in an article posted to […]

  (Win McNamee/Getty Images) Look out, end of summer blockbusters. There’s an all-new artistic visual triumph making the rounds, and it’s destined to become a cinema classic! The re-election campaign for President Donald Trump (praise Jesus) has just released its newest campaign ad, entitled “Joe Biden: You Just Wonder.” This grand achievement in American history […]

(Screen Capture: YouTube.com/DancingWithTheStars) Did you happen to catch former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on the “Dancing with the Stars” 28th season premiere on Monday night? If you’re having trouble placing him, he was the fella who awkwardly chasséd about the stage to a hit from the Spice Girls while dressed in a frilly bright yellow shirt that evoked Big […]

  (Screen Capture: YouTube.com/CNN) How best to summarize former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s testimony Tuesday? How to articulate the feelings of tingly pleasure that are evoked by reviewing the hilarious highlights of Lewandowski’s brilliant effort to frustrate, stonewall, and own the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee? It’s enormously challenging to bestow upon this treasure trove of […]

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Sen. Todd Young says he has called for a federal investigation into the activities of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who lived in Illinois, performed abortions in Indiana, and had nearly 2,500 aborted fetuses in his house, discovered following his death. “Pro-life principles are supported by a majority of Americans and certainly by most Hoosiers. In […]

ANDERSON, Ind.–If you’re thinking of adopting a child internationally, you should be aware that problems can happen. If they do, you can call your U.S. senator, which is what the Oren family of Anderson, say they did when they couldn’t bring their son Genene, home from Ethiopia. “We got everything together, we got on a […]

California is at it again. The worst state in the union is now threatening UBER with a bill that would require the company to provide benefits to its contractors, which effectively makes them official employees.  Ah, another fine and fruitless effort by the government brain trust of California to destroy a convenient means of earning supplemental […]

  LOUISVILLE, Ky. — One of the sexual abuse victims of Dr. Larry Nassar is calling for investigations into the FBI and Indianapolis Metro Police. Rachel Denhollander, who lives in Louisville now, is the woman who broke the story to the Indianapolis Star in 2016. She detailed several occasions where she was sexually assaulted and […]

  WASHINGTON — Congress reconvened this week after taking a break for the summer and lawmakers returned with a long list of issues that need to be addressed.  Guns are probably the hottest topic, with many lawmakers calling for stricter gun laws to help keep guns out of the hands to those who have the potential […]

(screen capture: YouTube.com/ETCanada) Pamela Anderson, former “Baywatch” actress and dater of Hepatitis-stricken rockstars, had a lively exchange with conservative Megan McCain and liberal hag Joy Behar during a recent appearance on the daily hen gathering known as “The View.”  “Pinup Pam” came under attack after she defended notorious hacker, cyber-terrorist, and smearer of feces Julian Assange, prompting […]