(Tom Pennington/Getty Images) During a rally in North Carolina on Monday night, President Trump boldly declared that the ongoing trade war with China was having a severe impact on the communist nation’s economy – affecting everything from supply chains to companies relocating and lost jobs. “I want China to do well and I hope they do […]

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Google is being investigated by Indiana’s attorney general and the AGs of 49 other states. They want to see if Google is unfairly controlling internet traffic by suppressing competition from other search engines. “Just like individual citizens, corporations must be held accountable for following the law,” said Hill in a prepared statement.  “In this […]

(Screen Capture: YouTube.com/Oregonian) Families can breathe a sigh of relief and tuck their children into bed tonight, secure in the knowledge that the mad “dog poop bomber” has been identified and brought before a judge in the respected courts of Oregon. Robb Alexander Stout, 49 (but obviously 12 at heart), told a Multnomah County Circuit […]

  (Screen Capture: YouTube.com/Rollercoastergeek) Working as an EMT is an enormously stressful job. You’re responding to traumatic accidents, you’re dealing with blood, you’re reviving addicts who will more than likely overdose again in a week. It’s tough work and an often thankless job. Oh, and there’s the added benefit of the occasional lawsuit from low-grade […]

    INDIANAPOLIS  — A family has filed a federal lawsuit after an Indy Metro Police officer punched a Shortridge High School student in an altercation that was caught on video. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Danielle Pointer and two teenage relatives, makes claims against three officers: IMPD Officer Robert Lawson and two officers employed […]

(JOHANNES EISELE / Contributor / Getty Images) You know that Joe Biden fella? Former VP? Renowned sniffer of ladies’ hair? Habitual invader of personal space?  Political weeble-wobble who frequently is confused about which state he’s in? You know, the old, white fart who the “celebrate diversity” lunatic lefty liberals are supporting for President?  Yeah, that’s the guy. Well, […]

(Photo: Getty/David McNnew)   The infamous IndyGo Red Line is mere weeks away from officially opening up for lackluster business! Yes, how exciting indeed. Beginning this Labor Day weekend, your frustratingly awful commute to a job you hate with a passion will become even more painful and oppressive than you could possibly imagine! Tempers will flare! […]

(Screen Capture: YouTube.com/47thieves) TruTV’s “Impractical Jokers” is the most innovative and unique hidden-camera show on television. It’s also the funniest. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of the show’s ‘greatest hits’ featuring the hilarious James “Murr” Murray, one of the four members of the comedy troupe The Tenderloins: Now heading for its ninth season in 2020, “Impractical […]

(Pascal Le Segretain / Staff/Getty Images) Darn it, Katy Perry! You copycat! You thief! Also, you hottie! Editor’s Note: Portions of this article have been heavily influenced by Chicks on the Right producer, Rob Kendall. A California jury determined on Monday that wayward Christian Katy Perry pop 2013 hit “Dark Horse” stole its beat from a 2009 Christian rap song, […]

(Video Screen Capture: YouTube.com/TMZ) American children – especially toddlers – are curious creatures with peculiar tastes and habits, and their propensity for enthusiastically placing disgusting crap into their mouths has kept many a pediatrician current on their Lexus payment amid times of financial recession (or overreaching healthcare legislation). Two years ago, my best friend’s child ate a […]