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Did you hear the news, America? Former political enemies Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are totally BFFs now!

Oh sure, they had their struggles and disagreements in the past – like that one time when Kamala ripped Biden a new ‘escape hatch for human waste’ for his record on race.

Yeah, but that’s all in the past. It’s the year 2020 and Biden is super down with the black folk now. He even picked one as his running mate!

Of course, Biden’s camp didn’t choose Kamala Harris as his running mate because she’s black. No, they chose Kamala because she’s black AND a woman! Score!

Yes, the ugly truth is that Senator Kamala Harris was only selected as Biden’s running mate so that Democrats can exploit her race and gender for votes. But hey, that’s nothing new. Democrats have been exploiting black people for decades.

Congrats, Kamala.

By the way, has anyone told Biden who he picked yet?