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Grab that jumbo cup of bubbly sweet loving and prepare to guzzle till your heart is content.

A day after local health departments were advised to shut down self-service stations for food, coffee and sodas at gas stations, the governor and his attorney are saying those are fine.

But the local health department hasn’t received anything official to that effect yet.

Editor’s Note: Could somebody get a straight answer here and get their butt in gear? That would be swell and thank you.

On Tuesday, local gas stations were roping off or shutting down drink stations in response to orders from county health departments.

In the state’s reopening executive order, a portion of the order states that self-service stations like buffets, salad bars and beverage stations should not be accessible to the public. That order was under a section for “Restaurants,” leaving a question about whether grocery store salad bars, hot dog rollers or fountain drinks at gas stations were also applicable.

The state department caused a minor rage fest this week when they said, yes, gas stations should be included.

On Wednesday, in answering a question from a northeast Indiana news outlet about the gas station drink shutdown, Gov. Eric Holcomb either was not aware of the notice or contradicted it.

“You can use the self-service station now and you will be able to in the future,” Holcomb said.

We’re really beginning to wonder how much legitimate input Governor Holcomb has on the decisions that are made under his name.

Regardless, the important thing is that self-serve sodas are back. So stick your head under that fountain and drink until your heart explodes with delight.

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