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Never underestimate the lengths a man will go to when he’s pissed at his local government.

Case in point: Ted Pelkey.

Our buddy Ted has been locked in a bitter dispute with the town of Westford, Vermont, and he finally decided the most productive way to express his frustration was by spending $4,000 to erect a giant statue of a middle finger.

“I’m fed up and it was time to do something,” Ted Pelkey said, according to the station.

The statue is a large hunk of carved wood that looks like a hand flipping the bird. Pelkey placed it on a high pedestal so it could be seen from the road, and surrounded it with floodlights to keep it illuminated at night.

Pelkey has been in an ongoing dispute with the city over his plans to build a large garage and move his business to his property.

“We’ve been trying to put a business there for the past 10 years,” Pelkey said, according to the Free Press. “It’s just never-ending. They’re railroading us really good.”

And here’s the best part: there’s not much anyone can do about it if they don’t like it. As far as government officials are concerned, the statue counts as free speech and public art.

Hammer and Nigel talk Ted Pelkey’s $4,000 artistic display in the following clip: