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(Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Look out, end of summer blockbusters. There’s an all-new artistic visual triumph making the rounds, and it’s destined to become a cinema classic!

The re-election campaign for President Donald Trump (praise Jesus) has just released its newest campaign ad, entitled “Joe Biden: You Just Wonder.”

This grand achievement in American history features all your favorite Biden gaffes, stumbles, space-outs, misspeaks, and cringe-inducing moments in ONE collection!  The visual storytelling is simply breathtaking as the former Vice President and well-established creeper “umms,” “ahs,” and “WTFs” his way through a series of perversely non-presidential precious moments.

The entire visual experience is further enhanced by an appropriately-chosen soundtrack of B-movie horror music.

Watch “Joe Biden: You Just Wonder” by clicking on the disturbing visual image below. Viewer discretion advised.

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