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WASHINGTON — The House has wrapped up its public hearings on the impeachment inquiry of President Trump, at least for now. 

No further hearings are scheduled but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hasn’t ruled out the possibility of more closed-door depositions or public hearings. 

Pelosi told reporters after Thursday’s final public hearing that the House Intelligence Committee will prepare a report on testimony presented in hearings and private depositions. 

That report will go to the House Judiciary Committee, which could draft and deliberate articles of impeachment. 

Indiana Rep. Andre Carson (D), who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, said in an emailed statement he’s “honored” to have taken part in the hearings:

“These hearings have been historic. Not only because this is just the fourth presidential impeachment inquiry in American history, but also because of the presidential behavior in question, which was vividly illustrated by the witnesses who have come before our committee and the American people. I thank all of them for providing their testimony, which further revealed the necessity of this process to hold our leaders accountable.

“One by one, they pieced together the story of a president so desperate to hold on to power that he used a phone call, a White House meeting, and hundreds of millions in U.S. aid as leverage to coerce the Ukrainian government to investigate his political rival. And he employed a circle of associates and cabinet members to carry out the scheme. Thankfully, a brave whistleblower sounded the alarm. But the damage to our national security, the harm to our relationship with Ukraine, and the betrayal of the President’s oath had already been done.”

“I am honored to have participated in these hearings, and through hours of testimony, I gained a deeper appreciation of the many things that truly make America great: principled public servants who believe in the promise of America, and put duty and country above self; the strength of American diplomacy, and its ability to shape geopolitics for the better; and our country’s reputation as a beacon of stability and a leader on the world stage. Yet, those attributes were all threatened and grossly undermined by President Trump’s actions, which makes me even more confident that the inquiry is the only way to begin repairing this damage and ensure it never happens again.”

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