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STATEWIDE–Telling Indiana’s story and trying to bring more people to Indiana are two of the main goals for the Indiana Destination Development Corporation (IDDC). 

The IDDC will take over all the functions of the Indiana Department of Tourism on July 1. It is described as a public-private sector corporation aimed at helping the state’s tourism efforts while also telling the Indiana story, per the request of Governor Eric Holcomb. 

IDDC Chief Executive Officer Elaine Bedel tells Inside Indiana Business the organization has a “quasi-government nature” that allows it to work closely with the private sector. It’s modeled after the Indiana Economic Development Corp., which was created in 2005 to replace the Indiana Department of Commerce as the state’s lead economic development agency. 

“What we’re finding is when CEO’s try to recruit talent, particularly that mid-level talent from outside the state, the response they often get is ‘Why would I come to Indiana?’, Bedel said. 

Bedel says that’s not necessarily a bad perception, it’s just that there’s no perception. 

“Which is why we have got to tell our positive story about what it is to be here in Indiana because we have so many individuals who have come here for a job, but once they’ve gotten here they love it,” Bedel said.  

Bedel emphasized that small cities and towns in the state have a lot to offer. She says they’re doing a lot to increase the quality of life. 

“I think it may be appealing to a lot of millennials who are looking for having that quieter life, but they can still work remotely or get close to a larger metropolitan area. We’re doing it for all of those reasons: to bring business there, to bring talent, and really help raise the community as well,” Bedel said. 

Bedel says the IDDC will explore the best ways to tell Indiana’s story both inside and outside the state. 

She says this corporation is about you and she wants to hear from you. You can fill out a five-minute survey by clicking here:

(PHOTO: Eric Berman/WIBC)