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Source: Donnie Burgess / WIBC News

CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. — The legal team for Delphi murders suspect Richard Allen want the May evidence and statement suppression hearings postponed.

In a motion of continuance filed Friday, attorneys Andrew Baldwin and Brad Rozzi claim they’re still not finished deposing Dr. Monica Wala, a psychologist who apparently spoke with Allen during his stay at the Westville Correctional Facility. The defense says Dr. Wala has not answered any questions during her deposition, and that any statements she provides could prove vital in the hearings to determine what evidence is admissible in court.

Dr. Wala’s statements could also be vital in the hearings on suppressing Allen’s statements in prison, claim attorneys Baldwin and Rozzi.

Carroll County Prosecutor Nick McLeland has already objected to the defense’s request to delay the hearings.

Prior to Friday’s motion, Special Judge Fran Gull denied media requests to broadcast the May 21-23 hearings. That has become typical behavior of Judge Gull, even though she supported Indiana’s push for cameras in courtrooms.

The trial is supposed to begin October 14th.