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Look out Vegas, there is a new go-to wedding spot! It’s cheap, it’s unique, and there’s even snacks. A gas station restroom!

A couple is going viral after they tied the knot at a funky convenience store’s disco-themed bathroom.

HOP Shops is a small gas station chain in Kentucky known for their lively bathrooms. The restrooms each have a big red button on the wall that, when pressed, creates a disco light show along with some dance music.

This couple from Cincinnati, Logen and Tiana Abney loved the idea so much they literally married it on Valentine’s Day!

In their wedding video, it shows Tiana dressed in a beautiful wedding gown walking down the aisle of the convenience store to a balloon arch right outside of the men’s bathroom. An officiate performs the wedding ceremony with friends and family all decked out supporting just outside the stalls.

Of course, to make it official, the couple seals the deal by pressing the red button and dancing in the disco light to Randy Travis.

We bet it was a great reception potty!

Take a listen to how Hammer envisioned the ceremony: