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Todd Young

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INDIANAPOLIS — Following reports that Alexei Navalny died in a Russian prison at the age of 47, Hoosier Senator Todd Young reflected on Navalny’s influence, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and more.

Navalny received international attention as a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The man led opposition efforts against Putin for years and was even poisoned in August of 2020.


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He was eventually arrested and imprisoned in his home country, though the locations of his imprisonment changed multiple times. By December of 2023, he was sitting in a prison near the Arctic Circle.

Regarding the man’s death, Young told WIBC’s Tony Katz that “we lost a democratic leader of world significance.” President Biden has clearly stated that “Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death.”

The Hoosier Senator also argued that the U.S. should continue to support Ukraine in its war against Russia, ensure that Russia faces consequences, and work toward the goal of seeing Putin removed from power.

And, Young stressed that all of this could affect you and your family.

Vigil For Alexiei Navalny Held In Front Of The Russian Embassy In Munich

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He stressed that a Russian victory in Ukraine would lead Putin to invade Poland. Due to NATO agreements, the U.S. would then be drawn into the war, which would impact American lives, alliances, trade, and more.

For now, Republican leaders are hoping to pressure President Biden for answers, as well as demand that he enforces his threats against Russia. In the meantime, Young believes lawmakers will support additional aid packages for Ukraine.

Reaction In The UK To The Death Of Russian Activist Alexi Navalny

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