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Indiana State Representative found himself embroiled in statehouse drama after Lucas showed high school students his gun during a conversation last Tuesday at the Moms Demand Action Advocacy Day. Lucas, who has been a strong advocate for Second Amendment rights, called into “The Gun Guy Show” to make his first public comments after the incident.

I obviously miscalculated the level at which these young ladies were at. They’re up there talking about an adult topic, and I grew up with guns Guy. I graduated in the early ’80s at Seymour High School. People, kids had cars in the parking lot, guns open, doors unlocked, windows down, nobody thought twice about it, that’s the environment I grew up in. The thing I was trying to convey to these young ladies, there are over tens of millions of Americans that carry every day, lawfully, safely, and that’s statistically proven, that’s a fact, you can’t argue with that… Almost 1 out 5 Hoosier adults is out there carrying… I just wanted to make the point that I myself had one, and I was amongst them, and they were completely safe. Well you obviously see what happened from there.

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