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Airlines and commercial flights have been making the headlines more and more recently. We heard about the door that flew off an Alaska Airline plane mid-flight, the woman demanding to get off her flight because a passenger “wasn’t real,” and of course who can forget diarrhea gate.   Adding to the “reasons not to fly” list, American Airlines had to recently return to their gate after a major flatulence problem.

A passenger on an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Austin, documented their smelly experience on a now viral Reddit thread.

The person recalls hearing an “audibly disgruntled and maybe hungover man” arguing with another passenger while seated at their gate. The man then gets adjugated exclaiming, “You thought that was rude? Well how about this smell,” and proceeded to loudly pass gas.

The standby passenger said once the plane headed towards the runway the argument escalated with other passengers pointing out the man’s rudeness. At this point, it’s reported that the flight crew did turn the plane around back to their gate where they politely escorted the gassy man off the flight.

Editor’s note: WIBC can confirm that the said “gassed up” man was NOT Nigel Laskowski, despite speculation.