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EAGLE PASS, Texas. — Indiana’s Erin Houchin (R-IN-9th) got to take a look at the border firsthand for the second time in less than a year this week and once again she is urging the White House to take serious action to stop the flow of illegal immigrants crossing the border.

House Speaker Mike Johnson led the delegation of about 60 GOP House lawmakers to the border this week. Houchin and Rep. Victoria Spartz of Indiana were among them. The visit came as the House continues to push forth with the impeachment process of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The border is also the centerpiece of negotiations between the White House and House Republicans over more military aid for Ukraine and Israel. The GOP is not budging on authorizing more aid until President Biden commits to serious changes in policy at the border.

“From ranchers to law enforcement, they are asking us to shut down the government until the border is addressed by the Biden administration,” said Houchin on Fox News. “This administration has let in eight million people, that’s one million people more than the entire state of Indiana, which I represent.”

Houchin told of an instance where the delegation observed firsthand 20 adult men crossing through border fencing illegally to show up for processing.

Secretary Mayorkas told Fox News Thursday evening that the border is a “fundamentally broken system” that they have “vigorously” been addressing. He asked Congress for more “tools and resources” to fix that system.

Mayorkas also said they are enforcing the laws that Congress has passed when it comes to the border and put it on Congress to fix “broken laws.”

“They have failed so miserably on the border that the only thing they can do is gaslight the American people,” Houchin said.

Mayorkas said he’ll cooperate with the inquiry. The House Homeland Security Committee is expected to hold its first impeachment hearing on January 10th.