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Round three of Biden Madness: In-Season Tournament wasn’t even close..

RECAP: The #4 Seed highlighted one of VP Kamala Harris’ most confusing responses she’s given. She was asked about her lack of visiting the southern border, as the official Border Czar in which she replied she’s also never been to Europe?

However, this time cringy trumped confusion. The #5 Seed, Biden announcing he is going to bed while ending a press conference will move onto the next round. 


#7 Seed: We’ve already discussed the vice president’s love of repeating phrases, but this time no montage was needed. In just one speech, Kamala references several times, at nauseum, that it’s all about the

“Significance of the pass of time.”

#2 Seed: This will be a hard one to beat. Our reigning champion from Biden Madness 2.0 was non-other than Biden singing Happy Birthday to MLK III’s wife and then forgetting her name.

“Happy Birthday Dear Valvet…Happy Birthday to you.”

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