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President Biden gives Sec. Anthony Blinken a scare going off script in his latest press conference.

Following a meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in California, the president held a press conference to brief the media on what they discussed. Biden touched on specifically the Israel-Hamas war. He did not speak to the Chinese leader about the spy balloon, Wuhan coverup, hacking, human right abuses… but we digress.

One thing many took note of was the way Biden went seemingly off script briefly only to apologize to the US Secretary of State.

“I don’t want to get ahead of myself here… but we have gotten great cooperation from the Qataris, I’ve spoken with them as well, multiple times. I think the pause that the Israelis agreed to – I’m getting into too much detail. I know Mr. Secretary; I’m going to stop. But I am mildly hopeful.”

Did the president just leak information he wasn’t supposed to? Did Blinken give old Joe the finger slash to the throat sign?

We don’t know if the president’s statement is legit, but you heard if from the horse’s mouth. This horse, however, has a lot of handlers leading it blindly.