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INDIANAPOLIS — It is crucial to protect and prepare your floors against snow, ice, and moisture to prevent damage and maintain their integrity.


Brian Knuth, the owner of Footprints Floors Indianapolis, says there are some simple ways to ensure your floors stay intact as nasty weather approaches.


The weather can bring moisture in different forms during winter, such as snow, rain, or slush. If left unattended, this moisture can penetrate the flooring, leading to damage like swelling, warping, or mold growth. To prevent these damages, follow these simple steps suggested by Knuth:


During winter, it is important to take care of your floors to prevent damage caused by snow and salt. Avoid using salt-based ice melt products directly on floors as they can harm certain types of flooring. Instead, use a boot brush or scraper outside to remove excess salt from shoes.


Check your floors for gaps or cracks that allow moisture to seep in. Seal these gaps with caulk or weatherstripping to prevent damage. If snow or water is tracked onto your hardwood floors, use a dry mop or towel to remove the moisture. Avoid using excessive water or steam to clean the floors, as it can damage the wood.


Ensure your floors are adequately insulated to maintain a consistent indoor temperature and reduce the risk of condensation and moisture buildup.