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Election Day in Indiana is on Tuesday

Source: Ryan Hedrick / WIBC

INDIANAPOLIS — Election Day in Indiana is on Tuesday, November 7th. Early voting ended at noon on Monday. Whether you are an experienced voter or a first-timer, it is important to know the registration process, where to vote, and what ID to bring.


According to several Hoosiers, voting at the City-County Building in downtown Indianapolis was simple and efficient. Helen shared that many volunteers were available to guide you throughout the process.


“It was my first time voting early,” she said. “It was efficient, and there were people to assist you every step of the way.”


Please note that regardless of whether you choose to vote early or on Election Day, it is mandatory to bring a valid photo ID to cast your ballot. Acceptable forms of identification include an Indiana driver’s license, Indiana-issued photo ID card, military ID, or US passport. Please ensure that you have one of these forms of ID when you head to the polls to avoid any inconvenience.


“It’s important to cast your vote for the people who you think will do a good job for you and your community,” another woman stated. “I think everyone should get out and vote.”


Mark Simmons told WIBC News that he tried to persuade his 38-year-old son to vote for the first time but to no avail.


“Trying to encourage him to be part of the process, to not sit back on your heels.”


If you still need to register to vote, please note that the registration deadline for this election has passed. You can check your voter registration status or register for future elections by visiting the official Indiana Voters website at