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Israeli attacks continue on the 25th day in Gaza

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

UPDATE: Israel has taken responsibility for the fatal strike.  Officials from the country say one Hamas leader was killed in the attack.

JABALIA CAMP, Gaza — An explosion at a large refugee camp in Gaza has killed at least 50 people and hurt many more.

This is the most recent blast to have hit the region, as Palestinian militant group Hamas continues to fight in a war with Israel. As might be expected, Hamas is blaming Israel for the refugees’ deaths.

The Jabalia refugee camp was hit Tuesday. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees have sought care at this camp, which is the largest in the region.

Western leaders, including President Joe Biden, have become increasingly critical of the ongoing war in the Middle East, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians. Essential supplies have also been slow to reach the Palestinian people.

Recently, a rocket hit a hospital in Gaza. While Hamas blamed Israel for the attack, Israel claimed the devastation was actually caused by a Palestinian rocket that failed to reach its intended target.

Biden later said he did not believe Israel was responsible for that blast.


Source: FADI ALWHIDI / Getty