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UPDATE: President Joe Biden now says that the U.S. believes Israel was not responsible for the attack on the Palestinian hospital.  He agrees with Israeli officials, who said the rocket actually belonged to Palestine and fell short of its intended target.

GAZA — Hundreds are dead, with many more wounded, after a rocket hit a hospital in Gaza Tuesday.

The strike at the Al Ahli hospital has killed about 500 people so far. Israel has also been working to shut off food and water supplies to the region, further impacting civilians in the area.


Source: MAHMUD HAMS / Getty

Palestinian militant group Hamas immediately blamed Israel for the strike, but Israel now says it was not responsible. In fact, the Middle Eastern country is arguing that a Palestinian rocket fell short, damaging one of its own hospitals.

President Joe Biden is expected to visit Israel Wednesday, followed by a meeting in Jordan. He and other world leaders and organizations have been expressing their concerns about the ongoing war.

Following news of the hospital getting hit, the World Health Organization Tweeted a message in which they said, “Health care must be actively protected and never targeted.”

Israel and Palestine have historically disagreed over land ownership and control of the city of Jerusalem. Learn more about the recent war here.

Israeli attacks continue on the 11th day in Gaza

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