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Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas, launched an unprecedented attack on Israel this weekend. The group entered communities near the Gaza Strip, killing hundreds of citizens and taking other innocent victims has hostages.

Hamas, who is backed by Iran, has sworn to destroy Israel with leaders vowing to replace them with an Islamic state. They have fought several wars since 2007 when Israel took power in Gaza. The surprise attacks this weekend killed over 900 people, making this the biggest massacre of Jewish lives since the Holocaust.

The big question is how did Israel and American intelligence not see this coming?

Joel Pollack, Breitbart Senior Editor told the Hammer and Nigel show that our leadership was under a false sense of security.

“It came as a surprise because both Israel and the United States assumed that these regimes were, at least for now, going to sit on their hands. The Biden Administration certainly felt that way… they probably presumed Iran would not want to start any hostilities and Israel felt the same way with Hamas.”

Pollack says with the combination of the attacks being both primitive and high tech, the Hamas most likely had help from other countries like Iran or even Russia.

Former FBI and Naval intelligence Lt. Steve Rogers on the Hammer and Nigel Show echoes that American leadership played a role. Rogers says that Hamas gained confidence in their fight because “our enemies know and believe we are weak and there will be no response….we have the power, we just have to have the will to use it.”

Just last month Biden negotiated a $6 billion fund to Iran in exchange of American hostages.

Israel has formally declared war against Hamas as of Sunday.