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We’ve all heard stories or even experienced a bad neighbor. The person or family could be too loud at night, leave trash around, constantly report others to the HOA, etc. But have you ever dealt with a CRAZY neighbor, someone a little more intense than the average bad neighbor.

A video is going viral of a fired-up woman repeatedly ringing her neighbor’s doorbell and demanding to speak about their cat. In between doorbell rings, the furious woman claims the neighbor’s cat keeps going into her yard and in her house. She expresses her son has allergies and the cat could upset them.

We can sympathize with a child allergic to cats, but we can’t get behind the cat just wondering into someone else’s home. Does the lady leave her doors open? Maybe her son is letting the cat in?

The best part of the video is as the woman is yelling at her neighbor through the ring camera, the cat appears behind the woman. It’s like the cat knew he was being talked about. It’s giving a Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained face.. just take a look for yourself!


Who do you think is in the wrong: the neighbor losing it on the doorstep or is it the bad cat owner? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!