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Let’s hear it for the ladies! US alcohol consumption has reached levels not seen since the Civil War- and it’s all thanks to women.

A study done by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, has found that the average American now drinks approximately the same amount of alcohol as our ancestors did in 1860.

According to the study, the average American consumes 2.51 gallons of straight ethanol – the pure alcohol found in wine, beer and spirits a year. Now just to reiterate, the measurement doesn’t include the water and other ingredients that are part of a bottle of booze. Just a few decades ago, the average was 2.15 gallons of pure alcohol a year.

The research says that while us ‘Mericans are down in beer consumption by 15%, the deficit is more compensated with wine, which is up 50% since 1995. In addition, the average person is drinking 60% more hard liquor than in ’95.

So how do women help the numbers? A follow-up study found that ‘while men once outnumbered women three to one in drinking and binge drinking, the genders are now close to even.’

In conclusion, ladies keep fighting for equality and pour yourself a glass tonight!