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For some reason, schools think that it is okay to keep information about their students away from their parents.

Thankfully, there are educators like Kathy McCord, a former counselor at Pendleton Heights High School in Madison County.

She was wrongfully fired for disagreeing with and speaking publicly to “The Daily Signal” about a plan to withhold information from parents about a student’s preferred pronouns.

McCord was fired in March, but on Thursday May 18th, she decided to fight back by filing a lawsuit against the South Madison Community School Corporation in the US District Court for Indiana’s Southern District.

She is suing on the grounds that her Constitutional rights were violated. When she became employed by the school district, she did not surrender her First Amendment rights. Attorneys for McCord are arguing that, as a private citizen, she attempted to spark a debate about a community controversy.

The country needs more educators like McCord. Educators that understand the importance of parents and keeping them informed on things their children are struggling with, and the willingness to speak up when information is withheld from parents.

The children belong to the parents, not the school. It is their right and responsibility to know what is going on in their child’s life.

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