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The Georgia Bulldogs are your 2023 college football national champions, and they just declined an invitation to the White House.

It is normal for both college and professional teams to be invited to the White House after winning a championship. Both UConn’s men’s basketball team and LSU women’s basketball team will be attending the White House later this month after winning their respective championships.

If they are attending, then why is Georgia not?

Maybe it is because the Iowa women’s basketball team was invited to the White House before they were, despite being the runners-up in their sport.

Also, how does Georgia, who had their National Championship game in January, not get invited until May? How do they get invited after LSU and UConn when their National Championship game was played two months prior?

If the invitation had been extended in a timely manner, then Georgia probably would have been able to attend with their whole team. Since Georgia hoisted the College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy, they have had 25 players leave via the draft or graduation and they have started summer workouts.

Now, there is a scheduling conflict and Georgia cannot attend.

Why is this a big deal? Who cares if a college football team does not get to attend the White House?

First off, it is an honor to be invited to and get to attend the White House. That is not why this is a big deal though.

The big deal is the lack of attention to detail from the Biden Administration. They cannot even get something as easy as extending an invitation on time.

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