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Image of Broadcaster Randy Ollis

Source: Photo Courtesy of WISH-TV / WISH-TV

INDIANAPOLIS — WISH TV’s Randy Ollis has announced that he will be retiring at the end of the summer.

He made the announcement Saturday on Facebook.  In a video, he said he had run the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon for three reasons, which are:

1. He survived a number of health issues in 2017, including cancer, which inspired him to “give God the glory and the praise,”

2. He wanted to bring awareness to Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), an organization that tells kids about Jesus, and

3. He intended to celebrate his upcoming retirement.

At multiple points in the video, he referenced his faith and thanked God for his healing, successes, and more.  He said he plans to work more closely with CEF following his retirement.

So, after more than 38 years in broadcasting, he is running the “toothpaste out of the tube.”  He will officially be stepping away on August 31st.