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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is known for many things, but none involve giving straight answers or even the truth. KJP’s latest press briefings are no exception to a job not done.

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy was labeled ‘dramatic’ early this week after asking the press secretary to defend her claim (blatant lie) that illegal immigration had dropped 90%. As Doocy was citing his own research proving the statement false, KJP was quick to become defensive.

“If the dramatics would come down just a little bit…

So I was speaking to the parolee program.  As you know, the President put in place a parolee program to deal with to deal with certain countries on on ways that we can limit illegal migration. And we have seen the data has shown us that is gone down by more than a percent. That was what I was speaking to.”

According to Bill Melugin, with Fox in Los Angeles, she was referring to a policy that addressed illegal crossings aside from the US border. “’There was a window of time earlier this year where encounters with Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, and Cubans did temporarily dip 90% after a policy change…Illegal crossings, including Venezuelans, are back at peak highs now.”

Border officials are predicting an illegal crossing spike of 10,000+ per day once Title 42 ends next week.

Instead of becoming increasingly frustrated with the incompetence of the Biden administration, Hammer and Nigel have a fun new game! Join in as we play a game of KJP: Lies or “No Comment.”

Will she phone it in? Or does she not even take a swing? Can you predict her response to these questions?